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Light Tubes





Adopted the high brightness LED light source, using aluminum alloy and PC tube two material. It's a new type of tubes, using LED as the light source, compared with the traditional fluorescent tubes, its brightness is traditional fluorescent tubes of 34 times, and shine even, start without flashing, with big irradiation range and small light failure, light weight, long service life, not easy damaged, environmental protection, low energy consumption, is the national green energy saving lighting project, one of the key development of products, is now replace traditional fluorescent lamp of a new generation of green environmental protection products.
Product features
●Power is small, less heat, light frequency conversion efficiency 90%, has the energy saving effect, and clothing or files for such items as won't produce fading.
●The service life of the traditional fluorescent lamp is 10 times.
●Environmental protection: LED fluorescent tubes do not use mercury, don't lead to the environment protection; Won't produce noise is the use of precision electronic instrument laboratory, hospital, production workshops, office, home of the place such as the best choice.
●Eye protection: LED fluorescent lamp directly convert alternating current to direct current, won't produce flashing phenomenon, won't produce ultraviolet ray, no mosquito, eyes and skin protective.