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Wall Mounted Box





Features of products
●PU foaming sealing strip ensures a protection grade of IP56 to box body.
●Bosses of various type and sizes allow easy installation of inlet/outlet lines.
●Galvanized mounting plate can also be used for wiring outside the box.
●Multiple protection grooves are designed at the box opening can not only reinforce the structure but also prevent the entry of dirt or water when the door is opened.
●Professional lock system with double-teeth cylinder allows easy locking/unlocking.
Material Cold rolled steel sheet SUS304
Surface treatment Etch primer for cabinet,powder coating for outside, galvanized mounting plate. Brushing, galvanized mounting plate
Protection grade IP56
Standard configuration Door plate, box body, sealing strip, grounding set, mounting plate, door lock
Plate Thickness Box body 1.5mm, Door plate 2.0mm, Mounting plate 2.5mm